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Ettore Majorana, l’uomo del futuro

Documentary in partnership with Anthos and Sky

“A genius of physics and his mysterious disappearance, which still causes debate today. On the 80th anniversary of Ettore Majorana’s disappearance, this documentary film, starting from recent discoveries related to the physicist’s brilliant insights in the 1930s and in particular the “Majorana fermion”, reconstructs the human story of a great 20th century figure.”

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Between Heaven and Earth

Virtual exhibition on Angelo Secchi 200 years after his birth

“The exhibition “Between Heaven and Earth” is just a cross-section of the rich historical-scientific heritage that Secchi has left us and certainly does not want to exhaust the numerous biographical and scientific aspects that remain to be explored.”

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Lorenzo Rocci’s personal diary

Publication of Lorenzo Rocci’s personal diary and presentation at Villa Mondragone

“A monumental work analyzing the life and works of Lorenzo Rocci, i.e., the creator of the very famous Greek dictionary, still used in classical high schools, universities and the Italian cultural world.”

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Exhibition on Villa Mondragone College

“A school of the past for the schools of the present: the Villa Mondragone College”

The exhibition on the College, as well as the presentation of Rocci’s Diary at Villa Mondragone, is the result of the agreement signed between Tor Vergata University and the Euro-Mediterranean Province for the organization of cultural events for the benefit of university students and others, entitled “A School of Schools. Art and science at Villa Mondragone”.

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The letters of Paul VI

Collaboration with the Paul VI Institute to publish Montini’s correspondence between 1924 and 1933

[…] the first tome of the second volume, which publishes in a critical edition and with rich apparatus of notes the correspondence of G.B. Montini in the “Fucine decade” 1924-1933, during which he was the general ecclesiastical assistant of the Italian Catholic University Federation (FUCI).”

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Veronica e il diavolo

Cultural novel by historian Fernanda Alfieri

“Winter 1834. Two Jesuits knock on a door between Campo dei Fiori and the ghetto. They have been called to perform an exorcism on a young woman, Veronica Hamerani. Darkness, once again, descends on Rome: the devil is in town. Fernanda Alfieri has found the diary of the exorcists: from this extraordinary document she reconstructs a fascinating and perturbing story.”

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Archives column

Twice a month, curiosities and discoveries from our Archives

The column by our archivist Maria Macchi recounts customs and traditions, from recipes to clothing, peeks into the daily lives of lay and religious people, the intertwining of community life with major historical events.

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Page containing recipes and ingredients from a 16th century register of the Jesuit novitiate at Sant'Andrea al Quirinale - document preserved in the Historical Archives of the Jesuit Euro-Mediterranean Province in Rome

Featured documents

Relics, personal belongings, distinguished alumni, memories of other historical periods: a selection of interesting documents from our Archives.